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I'll be your allegretto if you be my violin ♫

Sage of Winds
Sing Your Own Song

Hey! I'm Sage. I love video games, drawing, writing, and my violin. I may also be slightly obnoxious.

I use my LJ primarily as sort of a gameblog/nerd space with comments disabled. I post doodles and terrible fanfiction from time to time, and don't talk about myself directly very much because I have a pen and paper journal for that. I'm a fangirly Anise/Ion shipper, love Ed and Al's platonic brotherliness, and may or may not be in love with Rhys from Fire Emblem. :C

My journal is not Friends-Only, but feel free to add me if you want to be friends anyway (or even just keep tabs on my badfics, which are occasionally f-locked out of embarrassment). I also love English, so if you ever want a proofreader or editor, I'd be happy to help. My editing and proofreading are a lot better than my actual writing implies, I promise. ;)

I proofread for the scanlation grou [Unknown LJ tag].

TUMBLR: thisintermezzo | DeviantART: MilesTailsPrower-007

I don't use this username anywhere else. That's some other random person lacking in originality (like me).

Oh, and I am totally not a Francophile. Nope.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
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